Thursday, December 17, 2009

Santa Photo

From a distance Possum likes Santa, up close, not so much....

It is still an improvement on last years photo!


  1. Lovely!
    And yes... certainly a step up from last year ;-)

  2. cute photo, but last year's pic is PRICELESS! thanks for the link, I still have a smile plastered on my face!

  3. hehehehehe, last years photo made me laugh, she has definately warmed a little more to the idea!

    Nic xxx

  4. A huge improvement on last year - who knows Becky by next year she might make it to his knee!

  5. I only laughed at this one slightly less than last years! Possum's body language is hillarious. Good on her for getting that close after last year's trauma! You look very cute with your babies.

  6. Yes - next years will be alot better. When Amelia was the same age Tim and I both managed to get in the santa photo. Last year she wnet up to him, told hem what she would like and what Baden would like and left - this Mumma forgot to tell her that she was required to SIT beside the man in red and get a picture.

    This year - ANY man in red is being told what she would like. Baden on the other hand will not have a thing to do with him.

  7. Beautiful photo xxx

    Last years photo is priceless, still giggling here (poor child will never live it down I bet ;)

    LOL at Kylies little Amelia! Too cute xxx


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