Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oh Boy

The Milo Vest mentioned here last Wednesday is finished and fitted. 
It fits him rather well given that it is the 12 month size and he is only 6 months.

All the details of this knit can be found in my projects page on Ravelry. 

It is getting harder to get good photos that are in focus as he moves fast for someone who is not very mobile!  It is also hard to get a picture of the front of anything as he now spends more time on his tummy.  Gone are the days when tummy time was considered a bad thing.

On Tuesday he started saying Mum Mum Mum, which is nice as his big sister started with Dad as her first word.  Pity that on Thurday he caught his first cold so I have had a lot of sad Mum Mum Mums to listen to, I have also had less sleep than I like...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My (not so) Creative Space

Honestly, I am trying, but I am BAD at this...

There might be some good videos and tutorials as well as publications and experts at my disposal but I think I am ready to cry 'uncle' and give up, for now at least.

For more creative spaces that actually are creative click here.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Work in Progress Wednesday

Two knitted works in progress which I am hoping to have finished sooner rather than later.

A Milo vest for the small boy of the house in a natural colour Cleckheaton yarn from Mum's stash that she sent over.  I am trying to use as much stash wool as possible to help in budget crafting for this year.

A scarf using 5 ply alpaca yarn that Dani sent me as part of a Secret Santa gift last year. 
I am loving the vibrant colours in this!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

(A VERY Wordy) Wordless Weekend

We are still working towards making this block ours.  Preliminary DA is lodged with Council, questions have been put to the Vendors and now the wheels are steadily ticking over.

In the quiet of the night we have wondered if we are crazy to think about this block. 
The darkness lets us whisper quiet fears that seem smaller of a day. 

There is no power. 
A very small cottage with a wood fired oven and hot water system. 
It is isolated.

We think we can turn it into somewhere special to raise our children and live.
There is space, and quiet.

I think we can do it...

Can't we?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Life in the Village

Amy is planning a village this month for Around the Block.
I think it will be a fun place to live with new services such as a hospital, barn and a park too.

This is my first attempt at edgestitch applique, I hope people are too busy looking at the wonderful fabrics to notice my stitching!

Tickled Pink

This lot of Quilting Bee blocks goes to Donna who is making a quilt for her daughter's 5th birthday.  Looking at the blocks popping up into the Flickr pool this is going to be a very special birthday gift for a girl who loves the colour pink.

The theme for these blocks was simple shapes using Dear Jane as inspiration. 
 I hope these two fit in well enough, they are certainly simple, and shapes...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Creative Space

My Creative Space is all about wool.  I thought I would have moved on as my sewing list of things to do is getting longer but this spinning caper has me captive.

This wool is being washed as I type.  It was unwashed fleece and the first thing I have spun, I loved the feel of the lanolin as I played with it.  It looks pretty good and I am hoping I can find a project for it at some stage.  I like the effect of the light wool and dark together.

This was the roving I have mentioned before but it is now washed and ready to go.  I just need to cast off the couple of projects I have on the go so I can cast on and turn this into something :)

I have been shopping too.  3 new bobbins, a Lazy Kate, a Niddy Noddy and a book on Spinning.  There will be no stopping now!!

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day snuck up on us this year.  We don't normally do much so that is ok.

I did manage to do some Valentine related crafting with Possum who had fun sticking coloured paper onto card for me to cut into heart shapes.  I stuck them on a branch which is in my little vase and I have handmade flowers, kind of.

I borrowed the idea from Kids Craft Weekly.

Friday, February 12, 2010

6 Months

I nearly missed it, someone passed their 6 month milestone recently.  6 Months!  It is going too fast.

You are such a happy boy, you are ticklish and smile easily.  You love your sister and watch her every move, she can make you laugh just by walking past.

You are in the 90th percentile for all your growth figures. At six months you are in size 0 clothing.  You have your two bottom teeth which you use well on rusks having recently been started on solids.

You blow raspberries and roll over onto your tummy, mostly to get stuck and cry out for help, but sometimes all the way over again.  The last couple of nights have seen you fall asleep on your tummy in your cot, even though you were up the right way when we tucked you in.

You sleep through, and have done for ages.  We are very lucky and think you are wonderful.
Happy half birthday :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Creative Space

I have been playing on my spinning wheel and I am finding it very relaxing.  This photo is some roving I bought from Lisa and the Orange/Grey/Teal is spinning up really well.  It is (on average) about an 8 ply.  My beginner spinning status is apparent as it does vary somewhat...

Ellie, thanks for noticing it has been awhile since my last blog post (last night's tutorials lists aside!), and telling me to do something about it.  We have been so busy this last week tied up in legal jargon and real estate speak.  I hope it settles down soon.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Question of the day

Do you think anyone will notice I went MAD on sorting my tutorials into groups and in seperate posts?

I do like things to be organised...

Tutorials ~ Kids Stuff

The 90 minute shirt and pattern drafting tutorials.
The Hobo Bag.
Tie Shirt
Boys shirt from a mens shirt and with western style pockets.
Car Caddy

Curly Pops Chef Hat
Novy's Pencil Roll
Make it Perfect Discovery Bag

Oliver + S Popover Sundress
Pillowcase Dress
Pillowcase nightie
Grand Revival Ruffle Skirt
House on Hill Road Twirly Skirt
Oliver + S Lazy Days Skirt

Tutorials ~ For Me

Oh Fransson! Margaret Bag
Alexandra's Needle Holder
Little Boxy Pouch
Grab Bag
Spring Ruffle Top
Camera Strap Cover
Cushion/Pillow Covers

Handmade Soap
D2E's Handmade Laundry Liquid
Jellywares' soap

Paper Pinecone tutorial
Pip's Crochet Baubles

Nikki M ~ Bias Marker Tutorial
Karen's Nappy Wallet

Tutorials ~ Softies

Spool Bird
Tag Monster
Badskirt's Spring Chicken
Myrtle & Eunice Chickummy Jig
Black Apple Doll
Blinking Flights Bug

Tutorials ~ Quilting

Oh, Fransson!
Quilt Along Part 1: Materials and Supplies
Quilt Along Part 2: Colour Basics
Quilt Along Part 3: Choosing Fabric
Quilt Along Part 4: Preparing and Cutting Fabric
Quilt Along Part 5: Recovering from a cutting mishap
Quilt Along Part 6: Piecing Block A
Quilt Along Part 7: Piecing Block B
Quilt Along Part 8: Piecing Block C
Part 8 includes info on freeze paper piecingQuilt Along Part 9: Piecing Block D
Quilt Along Part 10: Piecing Block E&F
Quilt Along Part 11: Piecing the quilt top
Quilt Along Part 12: Piecing the quilt back
Quilt Along Part 13: Making the quilt sandwich
Quilt Along Part 14: Free Motion Quilting
Quilt Along Part 15: Making & Sewing Binding
The Finished Quilt
Scrappy Hedgerow Quilt

Moda Scruffy Edges Quilt
Disappering 9 Patch
Paper Piecing Hexagons
Hexi templates
Hexagons Film in the Fridge review

Helen's Raggy edges quilt Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3
Circle Quilt
Raw Edge circle quilt

Quilt Dad's Wonky Log Cabin block
Quilt Dad's Wonky Bento Box block
Quilt Dad's Wonky Square in Square block

Colour brick Quilt

Spiderweb block

Friday, February 5, 2010


There have been a lot of 'firsts' in our house this week.

Possum loved her first pigtails.

Baby Blue liked his first solids, as long as he held the spoon.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Catching Up

I have finally finished these two blocks that Sheridan has been waiting for.  They were December blocks for Around the Block and I have only just finished them tonight.  Lucky Sheridan has been away on holidays which let me get away with tardy behaviour!

In other block related news, I sent two blocks to Abbe at Copper Patch which have arrived. I am really looking forward to seeing all those blocks come together into a quilt for her friend.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I finally finished quilting the round robin block swap quilt.  I had never Free Motion Quilted before so I was a little nervous.  With tongue firmly set in the corner of my mouth I started and I am really happy with the end result!

I made the back using all the pieces of fabric sent back with each block.  I don't like it too much and think I should have cut each piece down smaller and joined them.  I didn't at the time because I was worried about how much fabric I would lose in each new join.

I used the same red dot in the binding which looks great from the front of the quilt.  I love the front!  I have already spent a bit of time under this quilt and plan on plenty more snuggly evenings too.

My last post on this quilt mentions who made what block with links if you are interested ;)

Monday, February 1, 2010


Pipe Dream? 
Maybe for now, but if you have a dream, you have a goal to work towards...
I stood here today and pictured my house site.