Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hot and Not

HOT ~ Christmas!  The small person helped decorate the tree this year.  This is a quick snap of her giving 'Ho ho, red hat' a bit of a jiggle. The even smaller person watched happily from the sidelines.  So far there have been no casualties in the decoration department with Possum being very good about keeping fingers to herself. 

NOT ~ Christmas!  Why do I leave the Christmas gift making to the last minute?  I only need to make an apron, I have the pattern traced off and still I can't make myself start...  The crowded streets in town also peeve me so I am glad I don't have to go in there.

NOT ~ Bushfires, there are so many burning that you can't read the names of many towns on the RFS website.  There is smoke nearly everyday making it hard to know when to do your laundry.  There were some storms about yesterday afternoon in the New England, I hope they fell where needed...

HOT ~ Everyone who helps fight fires any way they can.  The fire fighters themselves, the sandwich makers, the switchboard folk and many others who give their time freely.  Those that make, donate or pray for those affected by fires are top folk too.  There are too many to think of and list, but all of them are HOT.

HOT ~ I just realised that this is my 200th post!!

For more hot and not folk visit Loobylu :)


  1. Yay Christmas Tree decorating is the best!

    And bushfires are definitely not the best but I agree with you, all those volunteer fire fighters and helpers are amazing.

  2. Woot, check you - 200! You started 3 years after me blogging and now we're equal. sigh.

    It's odd having to check the RFS website before I head out to work or home but it's worthwhile getting into the habit.

    Just got our Christmas tree - now to hang all the decorations we've been making!

  3. Happy 200 posts! Hope you stay cool and safe over Christmas and a big thank you for the vintage tablecloth and the dotty fabric, which I finally managed to collect from the insanely busy post office yesterday afternoon!

  4. Happy 200 post! Is it because we work better under pressure with that last minute stuff??
    No nots for me this week ~ I'm doing a vintage button Giveaway instead ... pop over if you have time. ;)

  5. Happy 200th post! That's hot :)


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