Monday, July 30, 2012

Handstitched Class - Round 3

I predict you will all be sick of this quilt by the time I finish it as progress is slow even though this is the only project I am working on right now.  How did it get to be so busy?

The Storm at Sea blocks in the corner are foundation pieced.  I had never done that before so it was exciting to try something different.  I love the Kona solids together, so bright and happy!  I am working on the next round now, slowly, in between my day job and the children.

The early morning light is making the colours look very warm in that quilt.  It wasn't!!  The below photo is of Peppy the pony who wandered over for a look, he has frost settled in his mane.  That is how chilly it was!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Foundation Piecing

This round of my Handstitched quilt project has paper pieced corners.  The instructions were for English paper piecing, but I am behind with this project so I elected to do foundation piecing on the sewing machine. I have never done either of these methods before so it is still new to me.

I have some fabric here and some hexi papers ready to go so I will try English paper piecing soon, or soon-ish anyway!
I am still at least one round behind, but I now feel like I am making progress again on this quilt, and that feels good. I wasn't sure the scale of the Echo print in this fabric would work on the smaller blocks but I think it is looking nice, especially framed by the Kona solids.  Hopefully I have this round finished soon and I will be able to post a photo of my progress.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Silver Lining

Rural Living.
Clearing sales.
Cleaning Up.

Enjoying life.

Remembering all the good things around us as we put the events of the past few weeks behind us.  We have so much to be grateful for, even if I am behind on some things.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Slow Progress

Do  you ever get that feeling that things are moving much faster than you are, you can't quite keep up?  No?  Maybe it is just me...  I feel behind in everything; I will swim faster and catch up, but not today, and maybe not tomorrow either. 

I have had a cold that lasted a month.  I have had a bronchial chest infection.  I have travelled 1850 km in three days and been to a funeral.  Today I am throwing up.  Yup, the fun never ends here!

Still, if I look on the bright side there is good stuff going on.

I am behind in my handstitched class quilt, but I am loving it!  It is bright and happy and my wonky hand stitches are a splash of colour on a grey day.  I will catch up on the quilt somewhere in between writing 4 uni assignments and all will be well.

Tomorrow is a new day :)

edit: this is my 600th post!  Hurrah!!