Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Stash

Oh how I love these two fabrics!  Both are Spotlight cottons and I got them very cheap on the sale rack for $3/m for the kitties and a tad more for the babies.

West 22nd CX3433 FLORAL KITTY"S

West 22nd CX3423 BABY'S DAY

I am in the process of making Possum a dress using the babies before she is too old for such prints.

My photos do not really do these prints justice, feel free to give me photography tips!

Sunday Stash bought to you by 1/4 of an inch

I will draw a winner for my GIVEAWAY this evening, put you name down if you have not already :)


  1. becky I have some of that kitty kat material, but havent cut into it yet, its lovely hey?!

  2. ooh, gotta love spotlight, they have some corkers! I wouldn't want to cut into that.

  3. I like the kitties one! I love Spotlight sales. Last time I bought so many interesting fabrics. It's surprising what you can find in there! I should post some of the next week's Sunday Stash....

  4. That kitty fabric is too cute!

  5. Ohh Am I too late for the giveaway? Love that fabric.

  6. Oh no, they are both sweet. I am missing spotlight now - I get e-mails about their sales from when I lived in Melbourne.

  7. Why don't I ever see fabric like this at mySL!!
    The babies are particularly cute.


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