Friday, December 18, 2009

A Road Trip

From the first time I saw this quilt on Rachel's blog I knew I wanted it... On a recent road trip to Nundle I found the pattern and bought it home with me :)  Add this to my work in progress pile, maybe I will do it in 2010, and maybe not, but I am happy I have it!

 Kerry has a wonderful store a couple of km's out of town and I had fun talking about different quilts and patterns.  I will have to go back next time I am out that way!

The same trip had us visit the Nundle Woollen Mill where we were lucky enough to a demonstration of the beautiful old machines at work and a bit of a history lesson too.

I couldn't resist this little chap who came home to reside on my Christmas tree.

We then stopped in at a beautiful shop that sold the most amazing kitchenwares.  I bought a  pink ceramic jug and spoon set and for some reason also bought home a pale green cockatoo pie steamer...  I have never made a pie, and don't own a pie dish so I guess that is now on the shopping list too! 

The parents enjoyed the outing, as did the two small people.  The Mr enjoyed having us all out of his hair for the day so it was a winner all round.


  1. Ooooh, I love your new kitchen lovelyness, ESPECIALLY your pie steamer... does nae matter if you don't have the rest of the things to make a pie (including the motivation...), you wouldn't want to get it dirty by actually, well, using it, would you?! ;)

  2. That steamer is gorgeous , I just cut slits in my pie but now i am determined to get a cute steamer !!!

  3. Lovely day out!
    I wish I could quilt- I've been eyeing off that pattern too.


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