Friday, December 5, 2008

HAPPY Christmas?

..... An unhappy Christmas photo

Poor Miss had a Santa photo today and she did NOT like Santa at all. She was happy to sit back and watch the other children go and say hello but did not want to pass on her own Christmas wish list!


  1. That photo is priceless - yes definitely a keeper and what a lovely patient Santa to sit and smile through the photo LOL

    The kids and I leave WW tomorrow for Christmas so will unfortunately miss you - sorry about that - maybe next time!

  2. I showed Philip this one - he held his head in his hands ane laughed! Well, I did too : )

  3. Oh Becky, that belongs on a Christmas Card. It is like it has been set up. Poor possum. But I can only imagine how many laughs you and she will have when she is old enough to appreciate how funny it looks. It is gorgeous.


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