Saturday, April 6, 2013

Family Events

My brother got married recently.  It was so much fun seeing all our family together and having fun.  I wish I had taken more photos but things were just busy; my sister did snap a couple of photos for me on the day.  Our wedding anniversary was the day after my brother's wedding; The Mr. and I have been married 7 years and I still thank God every day because I would not trade places with anyone.

Over the Easter long weekend we went to Mt. Kaputar.  We don't go as often as I would like given how much we always enjoy ourselves up there.  The children went rock climbing outdoors for the first time which they enjoyed.  They didn't really climb much as they were just getting used to the feel of the harness and being lowered down again but this is the first step.  How exciting that we have found a place to climb that is safe to take children now that they are that little bit older! 

We hiked a total of 4kms in addition to the climbing; there really is something for everyone up there and the views are amazing.  Possum took the photo of us below on my phone which shows the Mr and I with our packs on.  Both of us need new approach shoes as our Mountain Masters are well past their prime and falling apart; there is always just one more thing on the wish list!