Friday, February 22, 2013

2013 Reading List

It is that time of the year again when I have to start a new reading list before I forget which books I have read over the summer break. I really enjoy keeping a record of which books I read so that I can reflect upon my choices at different points in time and I will link this post into the 'I'm reading this...' blog button in my sidebar in case anyone else wants to check in here and there with a suggestion or just to see how I am going. I am off to a good start to the year but suspect that my reading run will slow from here on in as I get busier.

If I think it is a book that I would happily read again at some point I will list it in italics. 

1. Divisadero - Michael Ondaatje
2- The Red Queen - Philippa Gregory
3. The White Queen - Philippa Gregory
4. Legend - David Gemmell
5. Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade - Diana Gabaldon
6. Little Red Riding Hood and Other Classic French Fairytales - Jack Zipes
7. The Crucible - Arthur Miller
8. Red Dog - Louis  De Bernieres
9. Cloudbusting - Malorie Blackman
10. Genesis - Bernard Becket

The 2012 List (12 books read)
The 2011 List (7 books read)
The 2010 List (18 books read)
The 2009 List (57 books read)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


We had a sheet of timber in the sheet left over from something.  I love being able to use left over bibs and bobs so we bought some blackboard paint and used it to add a large blackboard to the children's cubby house.

sans blackboard, the cubby sitting in the orchard.

They seem to be enjoying it.  

I was going to put the blackboard inside the cubby, but by putting it on the verandah I can see what they are drawing from the front yard which is nice.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

First Day (week) at School

I could not blog about Possum's first day at school as I was close to tears all day if I thought about it so this post has become a first week at school story instead.  I kept thinking about how things are different now that we have a child in school, soon it will be two children, high school, university... In my mind I have them grown up, which I know is silly but this is such a milestone.

Possum started Kindergarten on Wednesday.  She was happy about it and was ready to go.  We got to school early and her new teacher took her hand and off they went.  Simple as that!  I was trying hard not to cry.  The school had the urn and some morning tea ready for the new parents so we went and had a cuppa.  Some of the older students came in to talk to us and welcome us to the school, it was a nice way to start.

I saw Possum at school a few times throughout the day and she was doing really well.  Her teacher told me at lunch time that she was glad to have her in the classroom as she was attentive and listening and a good example for some of the other students.

On Thursday Possum came home as the 'Star of the Day'.  She told me it was for taking her time to do neat school work and her reward was getting to spend some free time on the iPad.  She is super excited about school and about being the classes first 'Star of the Day'.

Friday is sports day.  Her size 4 sports shorts are a little bit big, but they did pass the 'jump up and down and hope they don't fall off' test!

Today in Possum's school bag I found two cards.  One was to Possum from her buddy with a photo of them together and a nice message.  The other was from the school to me welcoming me to the school community.  It is nice to be made a part of this experience and to feel so welcome.

After the first week I can say possum has settled in well and in having fun at school.  She likes her new teacher and I am so glad we picked this school for our family.  I really do love it.

p.s. Contact really is the worst stuff, especially when you use a coloured contact followed by a clear contact to secure the pictures and labels.  Next year I may buy book covers instead!