Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Shorts

Baby Bug is ready for Christmas with his new Christmas shorts.

These are Make it Perfect Little Explorer shorts sporting a reindeer fabric trim. 

Did anyone notice that I have not yet found time to draw a winner for my giveaway?  Don't worry, I have not forgotten!  Yesterday was just so busy that I ran out of time, today will be the day!


  1. awwww he is such a cutie! THe shorts look fantastic!

    Nic xxx

  2. awww - look at those gorgeous chubby arms! The pants look great too!

  3. love the shorts :) can i ask - did you do the cuffs as per the pattern, or did you make them bigger? I'm about to make a pair for the first time, so just curious.

  4. Look at those cute arm rolls and that little belly - *sigh* aren't babies the most adorable things.
    Oh and his shorts are lovely too!


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