Friday, February 24, 2012

The Week of Woe

I can't even remember what happened on Monday.

Tuesday was a shocker full of drama with fire alarms, running late and other similar themed mishaps.

Wednesday was busy and rushed, the kind of day where you know at 8pm the house is a mess but you have just stopped for the first time that day so you ignore it because you cannot make yourself move. 

Thursday started in the Emergency ward with Blue.  Possum had to tag along which was not any fun for any of us.  Thankfully everything was ok and we went home to get what rest we could.  At this point my house is still a mess and I am still ignoring it hoping it will sort itself out.

Friday...  After a bad night with the sick boy I am feeling lethargic and sad.  The house is still a mess, but how long can I really ignore it?  Sigh.  I think today, in between cuddles with the sick one I am going to have to do some housework.  Perhaps for no other reason than I don't want it to ruin my weekend which surely can't be as bad as the week I feel I have had? Fingers crossed.

I have fed the children wheat bix for tea twice this week.  I would lump myself in the bad parent category if I had the energy.  I don't even know why I am blogging this, maybe as a reminder that things don't always go to plan, but it will all work out in the end, as long as there is wheat bix that is.

Edit: Monday was the day I found the possum and drove it into town to drop it off for WIRES.  How did I forget that?

Edit #2, 12:10pm: Repair man coming in the morning which forces my hand on the cleaning front.  Drat!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sunday Climbing

I was up early on Sunday.  The combination of a horse recovering from colic and things to do had me up and enjoying the sunrise.  I don't often get up early enough for this, but when I do I always think it is a beautiful time of day.  

We ended up heading off with the outdoor adventure club to scope out a semi-local climbing spot.  Nothing says rock climbing quite like rocking up with your kids, but the smalls both had fun too.

The Mr climbed this grade 16 and had fun.  We will have to go back with our own gear and spend a day playing.  We will also have to join the outdoor adventure club so we have an excuse to tag along on more club days out and about the area.

This photo does not look like the Mr is tied in, he is.  This climb was top roped and protected.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Without hyperbole, this is the cutest thing you will see today.

A baby possum found curled up in a ball by my front doorstep.
Oh so cute!

 I gave her some water in a syringe and kept her warm. I really wanted to keep her, but her best interests had me calling WIRES and doing a trip to town to drop it in.   

So, was I right?  Isn't she the cutest thing ever?
We have lots of possums here, I love them!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Test Knitting

I was lucky enough to get to test a new hat pattern for designer Terri Kruse.  
Terri blogs here, and she has a Ravelry group too.  I love so many of her designs and have a number of her patterns to knit for myself one of these days.

This slouchy hat is a quick knit, has great detail and is knit in sport weight yarn so isn't too hot and heavy.
I enjoyed knitting it, I know I will enjoy wearing it too.

The pattern release won't be too far away on this one, keep your eye out for it.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012


At least one of us managed to smile...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

In Threes

An In Threes baby cardigan for Possum.  I love this pattern, I think this is the third time I have knit it and I know I will knit it again. 

The buttons are from The bird and the fish.  Jo is clever at making buttons, I have not tried but I am sure I am not up to the task so I have a collection of Jo's handiwork here for when I need them.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Farm Cat

Sleeps high up on the roof.  

And retreats into the chimney with each passing shower of rain.
Funny critter!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Scrap Attack Quilt

I finished my scrap attack quilt, and I love it!

I love the bullseye effect, I love that it is scrappy.  So many of the prints used remind me of friends and projects past, it is a nice feeling to snuggle into.

Blue likes hiding under it, he calls it 'the hiding place'.  I like it too as the light shines through with the soft reflection of each colour triangle.  We have spent a bit of time under there together so far.

This quilt was part of the scrap attack challenge.  Link list to other scrap attack quilts here.
It is also my February finish for AJ's '12 in 12' challenge.

Nothing better than a finished project, especially one you love.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hand Quilting

Awhile ago I finished my medallion quilt top that was a part of a quilt-along.  It was a lot of fun (and a bit nerve wracking) designing each new round when you didn't know what was to follow.

I did it, and I love the result.  This quilt is going to be a fave, it already is!

The Prints Charming print that I used for the centre medallion was perfect to allow me to try hand quilting for the first time.  My stitches are too big, but it did give me something to do while watching the men's tennis in the semi-finals of the Australian Open.

sorry, flash photo

I do like the way the print is now framed as it pops a little more, now lets just hope I don't make a hash of  quilting the rest of it!

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