Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The 2009 Reading List

I had wanted to read 100 books in 2009.  I would have been very happy to have reached 75.  I am content with the final figure of 57 (mostly) good books read for the year.

No big surprise that July and August were light months with Baby Blue arriving then.  December has let the team down too, not sure why but I have only read one book, and even then I had to renew it twice from the library to get through it.  That is no reflection on the book either, I enjoyed it.

Next year I am going to aim for 50 books.

So here it is, my 2009 book list in full!


1. The wooden horse ~ Eric Williams
2. The comfort of Saturdays ~ Alexander McCall Smith
3. The tales of Beedle the Bard ~ J.K.Rowling
4. The Turning ~ Tim Winton
5. La's orchestra saves the world ~ Alexander McCall Smith
6. The Hobbit ~ J.R.R Tolkien
7. Whitethorn ~ Bryce Courtenay
8. Sharpe's Tiger ~ Bernard Cornwell
9. Salvation in Death ~ J.D. Robb
10. Danny the Champion of the World ~ Roald Dahl
11. Rebel ~ Bernard Cornwall
12. Copperhead ~ Bernard Cornwall
13. Battle flag ~ Bernard Cornwall
14. The Bloody Ground ~ Bernard Cornwall

15. Hamish meets Bumpy McKenzie ~
16. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland ~ Lewis Caroll
17. The Choice ~ Nicholas Sparks
18. The first Casualty ~ Ben Elton
19. Promises in Death ~ J.D.Robb
20. East of the Mountains ~ David Guterson
21. The Red Pony ~ John Steinbeck
22. Maps for Lost Lovers ~ Nadeem Aslam
23. Testimony ~ Anita Shreve
24. Twilight ~ Stephanie Meyer

25. New Moon ~ Stephanie Meyer
26. Eclipse ~ Stephanie Meyer
27. Sewing Projects in an afternoon ~ Susan Mickey
28. Breaking Dawn ~ Stephanie Meyer
29. The Mighty Toddler ~ Robin Barker
30. Toddler Taming ~ Dr Christopher Green
31. Let me sing you gentle songs ~ Linda Olsen
32. The Persimmon Tree ~ Bryce Courtenay
33. Fishing for Stars ~ Bryce Courtenay
34. Truckers ~ Terry Pratchett
35. Meet me at Mike's ~ Pip Lincolne
36. Sewing in no time ~ Emma Hardy
37. House at Slavation Creek ~ Susan Duncan
38. The Boy in Striped Pyjamas ~ John Boyne
39. The Quilter's Apprentice ~ Jennifer Chiaverini
40. The last Continent ~ Terry Pratchett

1. The bonesetter's Daughter ~ Amy Tan
42. Baby-Led Weaning ~ Gill Rapley & Tracey Murkett

43.On, Off ~ Colleen McCullough
44.The Unknown Terrorist ~ Richard Flanagan
45.Lord john and the Private Matter ~ Diana Gabaldon
46.Choo Woo ~ Lloyd Jones
47.The Guernsey Literacy & Potato Peel Pie Society ~ Mary Ann Shaffer
48.The girl with the dragon tattoo ~ Stieg Larsson
49.The Undomestic Goddess ~ Sopie Kinsella
50.As Darkness Falls ~ Bronwyn Parry

51.206 Bones ~ Kathy Reichs
52.The Thirteenth Tale ~ Diane Setterfield
53.The girl who played with fire ~ Steig Larsson
54.A Question of Death (Phryne Fisher Treasury) ~ Kerry Greenwood
55.Le Bal & Snow in Autumn ~ Irene Nemirovsky
56. The Lieutenant ~ Kate Grenville

57. Jasper Jones ~ Craig Silvey

The books I have listed in italics I highly recommend and I will read them again one day.

I should also mention that while there are two craft books listed I really did read them cover to cover so put them in.  The tons of other craft books that I have and flip through I would not list.


  1. My partner is a huge Terry Pratchet fan, and I have been meaning to read Truckers for many years now. I just don't seem to find the time to read as often as I used to these days. What an awesome reading list though...

  2. What a brilliant idea to keep a list like this. I am going to try to read 50 books this year too. I have just started your number 48. I hope you and your gorgeous family have a wonderful, inspired, creative and happy 2010.

  3. What a great idea. I'm going to keep a list and out myself as a trashy book reader ... I did read the whole serier of lord of the rings this year and hated every minute of it. But i have done it now :)

  4. Wow impressive list, well done :) I was happy with my 6 books for 2009 after not having read anything for years. I will be aiming higher in 2010 and will be sure to read some of your highly recommended titles.

  5. That's an impressive list. I'm aiming for 13 books this year (one a month and one to spare) as I try to get back into reading.

  6. You've done really well, even if you're short of your goal. My tally added up to 34 last year which is appallingly low for me, but I guess it's partly new motherhood, no longer working in a primary school (so less excuse to read fun but short kids books!), and a lot more time crafting. Oh, and blogging. Oh dear! I think a target of 50 sounds very good, so I'll join you if that's OK! And I'll include any craft or recipe books that I read cover to cover too!


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