Saturday, July 31, 2010

Around the Block

It was my month for the Around the Block quilting Bee in June and I have all my blocks back and have been having fun playing with them on the fuzzy felt. 

Do I want to sash each block in white?  I may have more playing to do before settling on the end design and starting to sew them together :)

I have enjoyed the quilting bee so much that I signed up for Round 2 which has seen me picking more fabrics and thinking about design ideas again.  I am thinking a quilt for Possum this round in pink and green featuring triangles of some sort

Given it has been raining a lot here, I have been glad to stay inside and play with fabric :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Settling in to Rural Life

The bricks in the garden path to the front door, I love them!

There is so much beauty here that it is easy to overlook the small things that need fixing. I can overlook the fact that the kitchen needs twice as many cupboards because every morning I wake up and drink coffee while looking down toward the creek. Apart from our sheep I have seen birdlife plenty and even a Wallaroo one morning.

There is much to be done but when you can work at your own pace and on a project of your own choosing it seems less like work and more like recreation.

The view from our dining room looking down to the creek

We have drafted the 25 sheep and given that there are no yards this was a major feat in itself. There are 15 good size ewes that are due to drop lambs any time now so that will be exciting.

I have not been crafty unless sewing curtains counts? I suspect it doesn’t count because it feels like a chore! I have unpacked most sewing and knitting things into one of the spare rooms which I call mine. I have my white fuzzy felt up on the wall in there which lets me lay out quilt blocks and play with the design while I sit back and look at it all. It is like a giant artwork just for me and I am glad I have a spot for it now.

I am tired of not having the internet organised. I am still using the library computers which is good in the short term, but the short term is stretching into the long term. I love the broadband guarantee, but wish it could be a little faster to organise and set up. Surely it won’t be long now and then I will be able to blog regularly and keep up to date with other blogs too…

Our creek this morning, full of clear water and running well after rain yesterday.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The post move update.

I am still alive and oh-so-very happy.  I am mostly unpacked and our new house is starting to feel just like home.  The small people both settled in well as did the dog.

I still have no internet, but that is nearly sorted too so i will be back online soon (I hope!).  In the meanwhile I am here, at the library, just dropping in to say hi and to let you know that we are well, and happy, and I have heaps of photos to show off soon.

Take care :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Dont Count your Chickens...

One should not count their chickens until they have hatched it seems.

In a nice twist, the vendor said we could move in this weekend despite the delayed settlement.
The friends are still coming to help.
The forecast is sunny, for tomorrow at least.

I am back to happy :)

The best laid plans...

I can celebrate the fact that yesterday while dropping off a load of stuff to the second hand store, I found some goodies.  A complete 20 piece set of Johnson Brothers Australia crockery for $8. 

In the way of a good collection, I don't know how I started, but I am gathering quite a few Johnson Brothers bits and pieces, usually in the pastel shades, but let us not limit ourselves :)

Not so lucky is the fact that the bank hashed our paperwork so badly that our house that should have settled yesterday, now won't settle until Monday.

This leaves me with a house packed, and nowhere to move. 
A husband on Holidays twiddling thumbs. 
Friends told not to come over the weekend and help. 
No babysitter because Mum works during the week and Dad has to go to QLD for work. 
Rain is predicted for Monday and next week.
Penalty interest.
Mail already redirected.
Phone disconnected.


At least my chickens left me warm eggs to find under the rose bush this morning. 
A little treasure.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

(Mostly) Wordless Weekend

This little pool is good for fun all year, today it is cold and wet so it is in the lounge room keeping the children happy.

100 balls does not look like many when they are in the bottom of the pool, but feels like a lot when I have to pick them up...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My (Possum's) Creative Space

With one week (Eeeek!) to go until settlement my creative efforts are limited to packing tape and boxes.
Possum has been busy so this creative space belongs to her.

A $2 book from a $2 type shop and she has had hours of fun. 

The coloured circles up the top of each page hide water based paint so with paint brush in hand and small pot of water, Possum is getting in touch with her arty side.  I still have a couple of these books up my sleeve for toddler entertainment while we move :)


I did get this bag finished and felted, just to keep it a little bit about me ;)

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