Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The before Christmas day holiday...

We have been away for a few days camping before Christmas. I took the camera (no surprise there) so please forgive me for a very photo heavy post.

Flowers for Mum from Possum!

The outlook from the hut.

Swimming with Dad

Sam the dog joined in the fun.

Big smiles when the shock of the cold wore off.

Camp Cooking

Love this view!

Playing Soccer, and loving it!

The small one keeping an eye on things.

The hut.

Can you see the Platypus?

Black Cockatoos in the morning.

Don't be fooled by the hut, it has all the mod cons including a dvd player if you can be bothered to run the gen set to power it up.  It has a solar power battery bank to run led lights if you don't bother with the generator.  There is a pump for the shower too so you can heat water on the fire in a drum and pump it. 
There is a pit toilet too so you can set up camp for as long as you like without worry.

How lovely to see the platypus playing in the river where we swim.  They were not at all shy! 
The Black Cockatoos kept an eye on us too.

The Mr and I even found time to saddle up our horses and go for a ride.  Given how long it has been since I have ridden I am pretty sore in best unmentioned places but it was a great ride and my horse did not put a foot wrong.  Good Boy to him I say :)


  1. That looks like an amazing camping spot! I enjoy camping myself - and that would be a spot I would pick! Great pics - thanks for sharing those! :)

  2. Merry Christmas Becky... what a lovely spot. I'd even camp there with all those mod cons.

  3. Looks so wonderful - you daughter is such a little cutie too :)

  4. Gorgeous Pix!!!
    It sure does look like you had a fantastic time away...

    Take Care
    Jodie :)

  5. Love those gorgeous little faces! I bet it was amazing to relax a little before the onslaught of chrissie...

  6. Looks like a wondeful relaxing getaway! Your photos are just stunning!

    Nic xxx

  7. Yay for a few days away. It looks like a great spot. We seriously have to chat about going camping together:) I will make you Roast Chicken Bell Style - yummo scrummo:)

    Hope that you have a great christmas. Love K

  8. Oh Wow, where is that camp spot, it looks so lovely, we live near some places that look like that.

  9. What a fabulous pre-Christmas break! Is this a family shack? A holdiay before Christmas is a seriously brilliant idea.

  10. Hi Looking at the photo's makes me miss home so much. I wish I had had the time off to be there with everyone. So glad I can now see your blog and keep up to date with all the news and photo's. Will see you all in bout 5 weeks! Love cool uncle Brad!!!


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