Sunday, January 27, 2013

Piecing Scraps

Practicing sewing curves for Curves Class.   

 It just feels all wrong, and yet it does work.  I knew I kept so many scraps for a reason!

I made a couple of little note cards while I was going, I don't see myself wanting to make many of these, but it is a good small project to get you started on the curvy path of knowledge ready for the bigger projects to come.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

{Fire and Flood} and some baking too

We had intended to spend some time in the Warrumbungle National Park, but the recent fire made us put those plans on hold.  The picture above is a screen capture from the RFS app called Fires Near Me NSW and shows how much of the Warrumbungles have been burnt out, nearly all of it.

If you have an iGadget of any kind and live in NSW or have family in NSW you should get this app.

Then earlier in the week I thought we could go to Dorrigo National Park over the long weekend instead.  It wouldn't be too hot and they have not been affected by fire, we even called to check.  Great!  At that point in time the weather forecast looked good too.

Yesterday we spent the day baking biscuits and bread rolls.  There was dancing while we baked and general merriment.  The children were excited about the trip and kept telling us all the things we might see and do....

...then I saw the update from NSW SES.

Major Flooding rain as cyclone Oswald passes by.

Fire followed by flood...We are staying at home instead.  
At least I have biscuits.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Even More Bunting...

...Because the two sets I have made already just were not enough, I decided to make some for a good friends little girls too.  

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Summer Snaps

 Our summer break seems a little bit random when I look back through the photos.  We did little bits of everything and a lot of nothing much at all.  It all felt normal and good, just what summer should be.




More playing




...and a little bit more sewing.

Summer, in a nutshell!

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Over the Christmas break we found ourselves in Canberra briefly.  We had enough time to stop and visit for a couple of hours only so we decided to head to Questacon.

The children, despite being quite young, had an absolutely fantastic time.  There is so much to do, a lot of it hands on even for their stage although there was also a lot for older folk.

The children keep telling me they want to go back.  It is a shame we live so far away so they will have to wait until we are next on the road south. 

I cannot recommend Questacon enough. We all enjoyed it and will go back.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


I did say in my last post I would make another Clamshell Pillow. I didn't waste any time on this, I jumped right in and made half of it last night while watching the tennis and then quickly finished it off this morning.

This is the same weight linen in a different colour, I didn't have enough of any one colour to make them the same but I decided this would not matter.  I clamshells are the same fabric range in both pillows.

Both this zip and the last one were in the stash too.  I probably should have held off making this until I bought a better colour match but I get impatient to finish when I get close to the end so I decided that this would be ok...

They do look good together, not too matchy-matchy but a good pair.

I think this will conclude my run of sewing for a week.  I have an assignment due, two exams and a quiz for uni and I need to start thinking about those.  Nothing like sewing as a form of procrastination but at some point the work must get done.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Clamshell Pillow

More Curves Class project goodness today, this time in the form of the clamshell pillow project.

I love this pillow so much I think I will make another one over the weekend using the same feature fabrics on a different shade of linen.

Sewing the curves was not too bad, I was annoyed that my last row of clamshells sat a little low and the stitching didn't catch the ones above.  I didn't notice this until after the pillow puffed it all out so I ended up topstitching the bottoms of the offending section to stabilise it.  I will know better on the next one.

I was pretty happy with the zipper too. 

There are plenty of other Curves and Handstitched projects popping up in the group photo pool, it is well worth a look.

iPad Cover

Yesterday I was reading blogs (as usual) and I saw that Jen had made an iPad cover.  I could not see the photos in Jen's post so I jumped over to the tutorial link and then decided to make myself one.  

Inspiration found! Thanks Jen.

I used some Alexander Henry 'Its a Hoot' fabric I had stashed.  This is one of my favourite fabrics so I am glad I got to use it for something that I get to use.

You may notice the use of both velcro and elastic.  I went with the velcro option but I was not happy with it when I was done.  I unpicked a few stitches, slipped in the elastic and topstitched after the fact which is not as neat but I am much happier with it as a fastener.  Sewing on the button after it was assembled was not that fun either.

Dotty fabric from my stash for the lining. 

Snug as a bug.  Even with the apple case on the iPad is a good fit using the dimensions given in the tutorial.  I like the fact that the earphone jack is accessible even when the iPad is secure in the case. 

I quilted more densely than was really needed but I like it.  This case has a good weight about it and I feel a lot more happy having my iPad bounce around in my handbag now that is has some extra protection.  I think if I didn't have a walking foot on my machine I would have had too much trouble sewing the layers together but that is my only caution for this project, I recommend it.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


After having so much fun with the Stitched in Color Handstitched class last year I decided to sign up for the Curves class this year.  No, I have not actually finished my Handstitched quilt, but that is beside the point!

I am on a self imposed budget this year so am trying to use as much stash fabric as I can; so far so good.

I made a set in red and green for Possum's room.  Her favourite colour is red.  I didn't have any bias tape so I made some out of some light blue poplin I had here.  She is pretty impressed with my efforts, so am I.


Blue got a set in green and blue.  I made enough light blue bias tape to do both sets.  

I do like the fact that they both have green as a feature, and that they both use Denyse Schmidt fabric from the stash.  I also like that I finally used the bias tape maker I bought long ago for the first time on this project; so much more fun to use your gadgets! 

Given we only just painted their rooms over the Christmas holiday period this has been a nice way  to decorate given the neutral paint palette we chose. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cute Capelet

I saw a cute capelet last year and thought it would be handy to wear over my summer dresses last October while I was at work for a month. I finished sewing it today so obviously I did not wear it at work, I had to make do with my button cardigans instead.  Oh well!

This is a Retro Butterick pattern B5032.  It was really quick and easy to sew which helps as I am not the most patient person when it comes to sewing clothes.

This is for me, and it does fit but I thought it would be easier to ask for a stand in model to let me take the photos.  I chose to top stitch right around the edges which was not in the pattern but does help it sit more neatly.  I lined it in some Denyse Schmidt fabric which I already had in my stash, but did not think to take a photo of that part. 

I think I will get to wear this a bit this year as I have six months casual work starting this term.  We are enjoying the last of our holidays before Possum and I start school; her fist year in Kindergarten and myself for work, both together!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Infinitude Scarf

I have been trying to clear the WIP pile.  Last year I got busy and craft went on the back burner. This year I am clearing the decks so that I can start afresh.

This is an Infinitude Scarf, it is more a giant cowl and I do like that you can wear it wrapped around three times as above, or twice as shown below.

I knit this in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in colour 300020 Mauve.  I bought this wool back in 2011 so it feels good to be using stash wool.  It is so soft, I love the feel of it.

The pattern is quick*, simple and free, follow the link above to Ravelry and check it out.
*I started it back in July of last year but actual time spent knitting was negligible.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Borrowed Idea

When I went to Sew It Together in Canberra we went to the markets and looked at all manner of wonderful stuff.  I saw some cardigans with buttons sewn on; I resisted the urge to buy it as it was one of those crafts where you think to yourself 'I could do that'.  Most of the time I never get around to actually doing it so I was very impressed with my efforts this time round!

These two cardigans cost me $50 for the pair from Cotton On.  They are a great fit and between the black and the grey I can always find a match for whatever dress or skirt I happen to be wearing.

I did these last year while the Olympics was on, it is a great example that sometimes simple is best and that you don't have to be an expert create something nice.  For some reason I never got around to blogging them but given my lack of finished projects of late I thought I would pop these up now.  Better late than never!