Saturday, January 22, 2011


I am grateful for so many things this week.  The auction is going very well and it is a little bit special to see something you have created used in a good way.  It made me think about who would win in the end, and those that helped by bidding along the way.  I think I will draw a name from a hat for those that put in a bid and send something extra to one of them as a thanks-for-helping kind of gift.

This is post 401 for this blog! I am very grateful for that, and you as friends who have helped it happen.
I am not grateful that I had so much trouble uploading my images, but I suspect that would be a different meme...

My baby boy moved into his own room again today.  Since we moved in this house 6 months ago he had been sharing with Possum, but there is no point having a rambling old house if you don't use the rooms.

The Imagination Possum has.  She amazes me daily! 
She told me these guys were being naughty so she had to put them to bed.
She also insists on calling her bed a nest, and calls me 'Mummy Bird' and likes to be called 'Baby Bird' in return.  I don't mind 'Mummy Bird' but drew the line at 'Mummy Witch'.

There is more to be grateful for at Maxabella's.


  1. Gorgeous gratefuls!
    What are you knitting? It looks divine.
    Have a happy Sunday.

  2. Those little fellas in the shoes just made my day. What a gorgeous image!!

    Thanks for linking today. x

  3. There can be good witches ;)

    A vivid imagination is such a precious and beautiful things. Pure delight.

  4. Very cute and lovely gratefuls!

    I get called mumma bear (after the berenstain bears ;)

  5. Congrats on post 401!!! And I love what your imagination possum has done here. It's simply adorable


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