Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Craft Rage

THE PROBLEM: The second curtain drop is 100mm shorter than the first drop (swear words) and too short for the window in question.

THE SOLUTION:  Cut 100mm off first curtain drop. Here Mr, have a new stinking curtain for your bathroom upstairs.  I would have had to make one for you anyway (eventually) so you might as well have this now (internal cussing still in progress)...

THE BENEFIT: Had to go to Spotlight and buy more fabric for the original window.  Also bought overlocker thread and some quilters cotton :)

Yup, craft rage here already in 2011...


  1. Oooooh, I've had my fair share of craft rage already this year too! My solution is to stuff whatever it is into a basket and ignore it for a while ;)

  2. teehee:)
    Love your form of craft rage.

  3. ps. hope the MR is happy with his curtains:)

  4. I love that your craft rage resulted in buying a lot of things from Spotlight! I think I will have to have some craft rage on Friday.

  5. Ooo I had craft rage yesterday when making a maxi dress... for once, something was too long... FIRST TIME EVER!! which resulted in me having to pull some super sleuth moves to make it still look good... I had understitched and everything!!!


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