Sunday, January 2, 2011

Simple Sewing

Because one must ease into the crafty year slowly, I decided to start with a simple skirt.

Once a tablecloth just the right size for a card table, it was a simple matter cutting it in half, sewing it up along the short edge side seams and adding elastic.  No need to hem because it was already the right length for Possum.

Note the dirty white shirt, or rather,  please don't note the dirty white shirt...


  1. Oh yes, ease into sewing for the new year, happy work coming from your craft room, love Posie

  2. It looks like the perfect skirt for twirling around in! Great job!

    Nic xxx

  3. Great idea - I need to find myself something that will ease me back into the swing of things. My mojo for all things other than slothing on the couch has abandoned me big time.

  4. Beautiful as always. They both look so happy running about barefoot in that massive space!

  5. Yay. Well done for the first thing completed for 2011. I am still catching up on sleep from the mad dash home.

  6. Nicely done! Can't wait until spring is here so I can start stitching skirts and jumpers for my little girl. Happy stitching!


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