Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Photo A Day (PAD) 1-5

One photo per day in January:






All photos are SOOC.

edit: SOOC means 'straight off/out of camera' and refers to the fact that there has been no PP 'post processing' (editing) on these photos.  Gotta love photography speak ;)


  1. I just started a 365 photo project :-) I like your shots :-)

  2. Beautiful, natural, yummy and so, so, so jealous. Great shots, makes my imagination go wild!

  3. What's SOOC?
    Great photos Becky. I look forward to watching your year through your eyes. I wonder if you'll take more pics than ususal or you take lots everyday anyway.

  4. I'm with Kate - what is SOOC?

    Great pics - love the every day of it all:)

    Might have to join you in this - maybe next week:)

  5. Oooh look at those carrots - and a great shot of the fish.
    Lovely work Becky.


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