Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Flood Appeal ~ Thank You!

The first thank you goes to Toni, and her sister Carli who have worked hard to pull everyone together into one big blog community fundraiser.  Without them working so hard this would not have been possible on such a scale.  Thanks Guys :)

The next BIG thank you is to Esther, who put in the final winning bid on the cardigan I had for auction.
Esther drives a hard bargain offering to double her bid if I would knit a second cardigan for her other daughter!  They are such little cuties that I couldn't say no.

Special thanks also to the other ladies who bid.  Without them the end result would be different so their roles are important in an auction.  With this in mind I held a secret giveaway with the above knitted skirt up for grabs.  There were seven other bidders over the course of the auction and the random generator picked #2.

Sheridan, as soon as I knit the i-cord tie for the waist of this skirt I am sending it to you.

And lastly, if you didn't win any of the auctions that finished yesterday, or even if you did, there is still time to buy a raffle ticket in any number of the raffles still open until Wednesday lunchtime.  Master list of raffles found HERE.  Good luck!


  1. Me?? I won your skirt??

    Thank you so much!!!

    I've got to go and donate and 'pay' for the other two auctions that I won, and I am going to put some extra in for the skirt. That will look so very cute on Emme!!!

    (It's a kid's size, right?)

    Otherwise holey moley, can I wear it??

    Thank you very much, and thank you for putting up your cardigan for auction. Esther drives a hard bargain indeed, but hat's off to both of you for making a real difference.

  2. well done Becky for your generosity and congrats to the winner!

    blogland is pretty awesome ♥

  3. Ok firstly congrats to the winner and 2ndly AWESOME uncle brad was also a part of the auction and I am by no means a lady!!!!! So thanks to the men as well!!!!!

  4. Awesome Uncle Brad, you are correct, however I didn't think you were in the market for a size 3 knitted skirt I left the draw to the 7 ladies.

    Special thanks to you also :)


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