Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finger Paint, the Good and the Bad.


Still Good:


No surprise here why finger painting happens in the afternoon before bath time!

In chalk related news, I love how much detail is starting to make it's way into Possum's drawing.  The other day she drew one with hair the whole way around it's head and said that it was the bad one.  In Possum's mind you can pick the bad guy by how much hair he has.  I wonder if that is why she told her Dad it was time to shave yesterday?


  1. We do messy things before bath time too! Love the chalk drawing!

  2. Nawwww! I love mess! Outside! lol

    When My miss 3 was Possums age she started drawing people with 2 holes for a nose. We asked what they were; "nose holes!" She replied. Why ofcourse!

  3. Finger painting is fun, isn't it? And what a great drawing, love the hair=bad guy logic!

  4. Wow what steps she is making in her drawing! very advanced, most kids don't reach this stage until they are in 4yo kindergarten. Next the people will have bodies and not just stick figures :)

    Love the finger (and belly) painting! :)

  5. :) priceless - here is a flash back for you!


    Love the reasoning behind bad men LOL - Guess daddy wnt be growing a beard anytime soon.


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