Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Clothes and Kids Swap

Awhile ago I posted about what Possum received in the Kids Craft Swap.  Yesterday's post contained Blue's swap package and he now has some fun 'special mail' too.

A wooden car he is playing with as I type.  Some iron on transfers which I need to buy some new tees for and some frog stickers.  I am excited about trying out the transfers, I have never used them before! 
Thanks Marie :)

Yesterday I blogged the Santa Photo.  This is the dress I made that Possum is wearing.
It is the Make it Perfect Pinny #1 which is the same pattern I used the year before.  I love that it lets me use a variety of fabrics.  Once again I modified it by adding buttons to the straps instead of leaving them as ties.

I didn't make Blue new shorts as last years still fit him.  I feel a tad guilty so might make him a new pair in time for Christmas Day.


  1. Love the little dress - might have to add that pattern to my list! Merry Christmas.

  2. Oh I love the fabric and the pattern! It looks beautiful!


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