Sunday, December 12, 2010

Boy Knitting

When Tikki mentioned a mystery knit-a-long I knew I would take part.  I have knit a few of her patterns and really like them so this was exciting.  The KAL concept grew until all of a sudden there was going to be a boy version and a girl version to keep everyone happy.  About 250 people signed up which is amazing.

I wanted to knit both the boy Fratello, and the girl Sorello but life got in the way and my Sorello is waiting with just the neckband finished.  I will get back to it soon.

The Fratello is a wonderful pattern.  Just enough detail to keep it interesting and still quick and easy.
I have not knit as many things for Blue as I would like so this was doubly good.

I bought this wool on our Trip to Bendigo in September so it is a back room bargain.
The colour is Guava and I think it is wonderful.

I knit the size 2 so it will be ready next Autumn.
I really like it!

These patterns will both be offered for sale soon if you missed out on the KAL fun.


  1. Your Fratello is gorgeous!
    The colous looks divine on him.
    My Sorello started off so well but after I completed stage three I realised that while my Jazzy is 7 years old she is really about a size two or three in chest measurements. So now I have to frog it all and start again. seeing all the beautiful finished garments has given me new incentive though.
    Have a happy Sunday Becky. X

  2. It looks great on him and I too love the colour.

    Both of mine sit with mearly the band done - opps - I have been a little bit busy with other knits though:)

  3. Your Fratello is Stunning :) And those eyes make me melt, everytime :)

  4. oh this is so cute! if only my knitting mojo would return in full force so I could just sit back and wip up cute stuff for my kids, you are made of win miss Bec!

  5. How sweet is that colour on your wee one! It's the sleeve detailing that is the clincher for me with that pattern...

  6. when I think you started on a tea cosy only a few years ago, I'm gobsmacked! These are gorgeous!


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