Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Advent Update

There was a very excited Possum the day we got home and she found some mail for her care of the Kids Christmas Swap hosted by Kylie.  Her 'special mail' she has been calling it and it has been played with every day since it was opened.

There was also some coloured paper in the package too, but I could not find it to add to the photo.  I really like the Salt Dough recipe and am planning some decorations for our tree as a future Advent activity.  Thank you Jennifer, she is having a lot of fun with your package.

The 6th saw the start of our Advent activities for December.  We used some transfer crayons to colour in and decorate some hankies which will be included in a few Christmas gifts this year.  The crayons were 'Scribblers' from Big W and they worked better when applied direct to the fabric rather than on paper first.  A heat set with the iron and a wash cycle to test the fastness and they were ready to go.

The 7th had us set off for the library for the local storytime session.  It was the last one for the year and I was excited when Santa put in an appearance.  We should now all pretend that I knew he would be there and it was good management on my behalf ;)  I love storytime and think it is wonderful, if there is one near you look into it!  Possum covered her eyes when Santa walked in and it took 10 minutes before she was coaxed into accepting a small confectionery package from the big man.  I predict I will end up in the Santa photo again this year...


  1. Your santa photos are some of my favourites.

  2. We managed a santa photo this year - but have a little boy that is now upset each time he sees Santa and Santa leaves without giving him asked for 'Buzz and Ball' Poor thing is so confussed.

    Glad that she is liking her 'special mail' It was lots of fun.


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