Thursday, December 23, 2010

Advent 23-24

Advent Activity #23. Fun craft!

I had these shapes put away in the cupboard and today was the day I pulled them out along with the glue and bits to stick on.  The above photo shows Blue carefully sticking things to the glue stick.  Possum did a bit better and on the craft wall there are a few butterflies, a bug and a ladybug all proudly lined up.  They are kept company by the 'carpar' below.

Tomorrow's activity will be a visit to Nan and Pop's which will be fun.
We are visiting in the name of Christmas early leaving us to have a quiet day here on the big day itself.

On a different note, I have shown off the photo of Nellie in my washing before, but now she has taken up the hobby of staring at me through the window too.    I took this photo through the glass doors three hours ago,  I just looked again, and she is still there, looking at me...


  1. Nellie, is quite beautiful, but I reckon All that looking would freak me out :o I was a wee bit scared of cows as a young teen ;) it scarred me for life LOL

  2. I will probably sound really weird - but I LOVE your clothesline! The stalker-cow on the other hand is a bit freaky.

  3. Ah yes, Christmas at home alone with your children, bliss!! We're doing our extended families a few days afterwards, ahhhh . . . love Posie


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