Sunday, December 19, 2010

Advent 15-18th

Catching up on our Advent activities.  I don't have photos relevant to each activity so am just tossing in some extras from the past week that I have taken.

The 15th saw us in town for the Santa photo.  The creative encouragement behind making the Santa photo happen was the promise of an ice cream after.  Ice cream was bound to be exciting given it is a rare treat so that was a good choice as an activity (and/or bribe...).

The 16th was a sad day here for me after just having had the family dog put down so I picked an easy activity and pulled out another new Christmas themed book to give to the children.  It was How the Grinch Stole Christmas and was another op-shop find. I enjoyed it so if you want a Christmas book this is a good one.

The 17th we ducked into town and bought two gifts to put under the Kmart wishing tree.  I have done this over the past couple of years and think it will be a great thing for the children to be a part of.  Christmas spirit at it's best :)

The 18th, being a Saturday was a great day to have pony rides as the activity.  Possum loves her pony Lily so this is always welcome as far as she is concerned.  She even managed to trot a bit.


  1. We did the wishing tree thing this year too, the kids (4 and 2) chose presents they would like for themselves to give to children their own age (and I chose something for a mum). The 2 year old was a bit bemused, but i think the 4 yo got it this year :)

    Your possum looks so happy on her pony - absolutely gorgeous!

  2. How cute does she look on the pony - The Kmart wishing tree is a good oe to do with the kids - we did it again this year (after a two year break - we did the Wagga Charity Bike rides for the previous last too which the kids really njoyed)


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