Thursday, October 6, 2011

{six} camping

We found a couple of days between rain to head back to Mt. Kaputar National Park.
Our last visit was back here last October.

Euglah Rock

We stopped again at all the lookouts to enjoy the views across the Nandewar Range and from some spots the plains below.

We wandered out to Mt Lindsay lookout and the Mr and I went rock climbing there in the afternoon, but I will say more about that tomorrow.  

Possum called this area the Rocky Land.  She wants to go climbing with us next time.

West Kaputar Rock

Both children love camping and think it is a real adventure.  When asked what her favourite part of the camping trip was Possum replied 'everything!'.

We camped at Bark Hut and the bathrooms where open aired and lovely.  Hot showers and proper toilets made it very comfy and at just $5 per adult per night it was affordable too.  Children under 5 years old are free or $3 per night for the over fives.

Last time we came up here I had a photo taken with the children so decided we had to do that again at the same place, Mt Kaputar summit.

Then we had a rare family photo too.

It is hard to get a photo of the two children together...

The Governor

Next time we come up I am going to hike out onto the Governor.  There is rock climbing there and I want a closer look.


  1. and hot showers = a bargin, a bonus and a happy Mumma (I can do without my coffee if I have a warm shower while camping)
    Kids just love camping dont they. Ours are so excited to be going in a few weeks:)

  2. Beautiful!! looks great there!! I love camping. It's nice to enjoy each other' company.


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