Monday, October 17, 2011

{seventeen} kids craft

I have some fabric crayons and a couple of extra screen printed panels from The Red Thread also bought at Sew it Together.  I had been saving them but thought they might make a fun activity for the children and this seemed like the most age appropriate craft option for them.

I will buy a couple of small frames and put them in their rooms.  They are both very excited to have made something for themselves with the 'special' fabric.

I love the different stages they are up to.  Possum likes to colour in all the spaces because she has not finished her craft if there is room for more.  Blue likes to do it all by himself and you get in trouble for trying to help at all.  I hope these will be a good reminder of these baby years for us all as they grow.


  1. I live these! I think I recall hearing from somewhere that making children draw within the lines squashes (for want of a better word!) their creativity! They are gorgeous.

  2. These certainly will make lovely reminders of your little ones.


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