Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mt. Kaputar

Mount Kaputar National Park is 50km East of Narrabri in the North West Slopes and Plains of New South Wales.  This volcanic rock dominates the horizon for miles at 1520m above sea level and is a view I grew up with and remember fondly.

It is said that on a good day, from the various lookouts in the park, that you can see up to 10% of New South Wales from here.  Amazing!

The Mr decided to try out a fake smile* much like Possum uses for the camera...

There are plenty of picnic and camp sites in the park and at $5 per tent and $3 per adult I think we will go back soon!  It was a great way to spend part of the long weekend.

One of the few photos of me with both children.  Possum still has her fake smile in place and Blue is trying to escape!  Now wonder we don't have any photos with the four of us in it!

*Like it isn't hard enough to get a good photo in the first place, serves him right that I am using it regardless...


  1. So wonderful to now know what you look like! that camping site sounds like fun and a good price :) might keep it in mind for us when we next want to go on a camping holiday :)

  2. What a great looking family you have! That view looks wonderful. It looks like you had a great time.

  3. you are gorgeous. i love the kangaroo shots, and that joey...i am so jeloues. i have yet to see a joey in the pouch.

    ps. with all the photos i take, we have none of the four of us together.

  4. Classic grins! Love it! Beautiful scenery and your road trip looks amazing x

  5. LOL - Love the fake smiles - Maybe you should try a family pic with all of you putting on your best CAMERA smile:)

    Great pic of you and the kids - I hear you on not having many pics.

  6. I love that photo of you with the kids. It's pretty cute. Lovely to see what you look like too.


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