Thursday, May 21, 2009

On the Shelf ~ May 21st

I am taking part in a reading challenge (original post HERE).
I will only list the most recent below, the full list is in the original post as linked above.

29. The Mighty Toddler ~ Robin Barker
30. Toddler Taming ~ Dr Christopher Green
31. Let me sing you gentle songs ~ Linda Olsen
32. The Persimmon Tree ~ Bryce Courtenay

Anyone pick that Miss Possum has hit the toddler stage from the above list? I thought I had best read about the wonderful new delights in store for Dear Husband and I... Actually, she has been fairly good, we have had a couple of sleepless nights but I think it may be teeth related. The odd foot stomp and adamant NO we receive here is easy to deal with.

Our book club met this morning to discuss the Let me sing you gentle songs. It was an easy read and was given 2.5 stars at the meeting. We had a lovely early lunch while out and it was a good meeting all told.

Our next book to be discussed in a month is Susan Duncan's Salvation Creek. We are starting to settle in as a new group and I am looking forward to another meeting at the comfortable local Inn :)


  1. I like the idea of a lunchtime reading group - nosh while chatting about books sounds like a good plan : D. Not that I'm more likely to get the book done! Maybe if I start a Norah Roberts book group I might be a more reliable member... not that there would be much of substance to discuss after the first 3 meetings!

  2. Thanks! No sewing news here. I wish I have the time to read! haha. Enjoy the book club


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