Monday, October 4, 2010


We were lucky enough to be driving through Canberra while Floriade was on so I suggested it would break up the drive to stop for a look. 

The rainbow garden bed
 The children both had fun, but I think Blue would have liked more time to toddle about.

These umbrellas had lights in them, they would have been beautiful of an evening.

It was all so much fun and oh-so pretty!  I wish we could have stayed much longer and I am really looking forward to visiting the festival properly one year.


  1. Those umbrellas are just magical!

    Happy Blogtoberfest!

  2. We're really lucky as it's just down the road from my children's school & Shop Handmade in the city, so we visit Floriade about twice a week during the month it's on. Did you do the ferris wheel - my guys took shots from way up high for my blog. Glad you enjoyed Canberra, love Posie

  3. oh wow, those umbrellas are definitely magical!
    what a great visit & gorgeous pics.

  4. We so need to get to Floriade one of these years. Your photos are just lovely.

    I am a fellow blogtoberfest participant and a first timer to your blog. I am hoping to get through all the blogs during the month. would love you to visit mine.


  5. I want to live with those umbrellas!
    such a lovely post bec

  6. Would you believe that I lived there for 18 months and did not get to see it (it was on the first year that we were there - but being new and scared I did not go by myself - let me tell you I have kicked myself every year since:(

    Love the photos.

  7. I saw parts of Floriade on TV the other week. The gardens & flowers sure did look pretty.

  8. oh I agree those umbrellas are magical!I always see things for this festival and I hope one day I might be in Canberra to have a look!

  9. Some day I hope to get there. It looks fabulous!


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