Friday, October 22, 2010

Birthday Season

Birthday Season starts today.
First his, and not long after, mine.

Happy Birthday, with love.


  1. Happy birthdayssssss . . . have a great weekend!!
    We were lucky, as all our children are 2 years 4 months apart (excpet the twins, 4 minutes apart) & my husband & i are 6 months apart, everyone is equally spread out through the year. Well in our family of 6, the nieces & nephews are all clumped in February, March, April, no kidding, about 14 of them. Love Posie

  2. Happy Birthday to You's! Fab photo!

  3. Love the photo - looks at that sky:)

    Happy Birthday to the two of you.

  4. All the good people must be born this month!

    Great photo!


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