Sunday, October 3, 2010

Victoria fun

During our big trip south we also managed to do a few 'fun' things.

I got to go to Bendigo Woollen Mills for the first time. 
This was out of the way but I said I wasn't going into Victoria and not going to the Mill!

In addition to wool, we also bought some woollen jumpers that were all 50% off.  Such a great deal and it takes the pressure off me having to finish the jumper I started knitting the Mr months ago...

We even had fish and chips for lunch at Lakes Entrance on the way back and it was nice sitting and watching the boats on the water.  One day I think we will sail about on a holiday but not until the children are older, and can swim!

Happy Blogtoberfest to you :)


  1. I'd love to go there one day - it looks like you got some great bargains!

  2. Oh I love BWM. We've designed holidays around it too!

  3. Oh... I too want to got to BWM. Looks awesome.

  4. I still can't believe we were there on the same day.
    I love the idea of the toddler dying wool party and that you are going to knit something for each of them with their creation too. And yes, we got the caravan. Yay! She needs a fair bit of work but it is still so exciting.
    Happy Sunday.

  5. I love BWM too ... you were right to insist on visiting.
    Happy Blogtoberfest.
    My blog

  6. we spent christmas at lakes entrance last was perfect.

  7. I'm glad you found some lovely things to do in Victoria! Would you believe that I've never made it to BWM and I live less than 90 minutes away? I'm yet to convince the wonderful husband that a day trip to Bendigo is an essential family activity!! I'll keep trying, though ;-)

  8. You must have been delighted to have that pitstop!!!

  9. Going to Bendigo this weekend, so I am going to drag my bf off to the BWM! Hope you left so wool there for me?!


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