Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Work in Progress Wednesday

Two knitted works in progress which I am hoping to have finished sooner rather than later.

A Milo vest for the small boy of the house in a natural colour Cleckheaton yarn from Mum's stash that she sent over.  I am trying to use as much stash wool as possible to help in budget crafting for this year.

A scarf using 5 ply alpaca yarn that Dani sent me as part of a Secret Santa gift last year. 
I am loving the vibrant colours in this!


  1. Oh yay - another milo - they are addictive arent they:)

    Love the colours in that scarf - they are devine!

  2. That alpaca yarn is gorgeous! And I'm intrigued by a Milo vest - may have to explore further...

  3. They're both lovely. And those needles - are they knit picks? I rather like knit picks!


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