Monday, January 4, 2010

Round Robin Quilt Top

Last year I took place in a Round Robin Block swap with some of the girls on the EB forum.
We chose our fabric, sent it all in to Kirsty who then sent it on to all the other girls.

We each picked a block and made the same block 12 times in everyone elses fabric.
We didn't know what blocks had been chosen, so we didn't know what our quilts would look like when we got then back.

It is hard to choose fabric when you don't know what it is being turned into!

I got very excited when all my blocks arrived in the post and had my quilt top done within 24 hours!
I love it!!
Thank you to the girls who took part:

Alyssa ~ Card Trick block
Anna ~ Own design
Car ~ Summer Winds Block
Dani Circle of Geese block
Esther ~ Golden Gate block
Kayscha ~ Ohio Star block
Khris ~ Honey Bee block
Kirsty ~ Eight Point Star block
Louise ~ Coronation block
Rose ~ Whirlpool block
Ruth ~ Double T block

The 12 blocks I made for the swap ~ Schoolgirl's puzzle


  1. Who ever those girls are in that swap, they are a clever bunch :-) Yours looks great with a simple fabric choice and no sashing. If I send mine will you put them together...pretty please!

  2. That's beautiful - what a great idea!

  3. Looks great Becky! Love the way your fabrics pop out from the blue background.

  4. Looks fantastic Becky - love the colours you choose, it all came together really well!

    Nic xxx

  5. It looks fantastic!!! I love that two quilts the same except for the fabric and layout can be so different - yet both so lovely!

    Can't wait to see everyone elses now :)

  6. What a fabulous idea and project to be part of. I kept reading about the many Block Swaps that happen around the place, but as I'm not a quilter, didn't realise what they were. What a good idea to use your own fabric so you know you will love the quilt when it is all put together. It is a fabulous idea and the quilt you have made is gorgeous.

  7. They look fantastic all sewn up, I'm really going to have to get my act together and finish mine :)


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