Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Little Helpers

Yesterday we went for a drive to help the Mr on a job in a nearby town.

It wasn't all sunshine and puppies but the tears didn't last long.

We came home with a lot of sand...

Mostly, they had fun.


  1. Oh, the sad face is priceless!

  2. :) sand in pockets is the best. I recall Amelia going to her Kinder open day and then the same afternoon we flew to Mackay. I kept pulling up her dress and kept thinging 'I am going to have to take these sleeves up' as it kept growing through out the da. Little did I know that she had filled both pockets with sand and was unawears until my Mum gave her a cuddle at the airport and found what had been making her dress 'grow' LOL
    That face is pricesless.

  3. The thing that always throws me, is that I discover sand (and dead bugs and rocks and seeds) in pockets even when it's been a rainy, rainy, stay indoors all day sort of affair. Huh?

    You might need to pull that sweet top pic out for the 21st.


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