Sunday, February 20, 2011

Flea Market Finds #4

More flea market finds for this week :)

$33 worth of clothes which included a skirt and 2 shirts for me!  There were also 8 shirts,  4 pairs of shorts and a rashie for the children.  Such a great haul of clothing for next to nothing!

I also found an old flour bag. 10 cents! 
I love it and have plans to frame it one day so I can hang it up somewhere and smile whenever I see it :)

Happy shopping :)


  1. that's fantastic! so many treats for so little money!

  2. Great 'flea Market finds'!!!

    I love it when you can stumble upon a great haul like that for next to nothing...

    Am loving the flur bag and it will look awesome framed..

    Jodie :)

  3. great shopping, and that bag will be fab hanging in a kitchen.

  4. i love your washing line, and the sack. wow, it'd be great in a vintage quilt too...

  5. Yay for the clothes & I'd love a flour bag or two to do something with - not a Tamworth one though, too close to my dull teenage "home"!

  6. love that flour sack. Will look wicked framed!

  7. the flour sack
    is a real gem
    i found something
    similar here
    in france recently
    and think i may
    follow your lead
    and frame it too
    happy flea-ing


  8. That flour bag is amazing! What a bargain too! Nice shopping :)

  9. YIKES! That 10 cent bag! So, so pleased it has gone to a good, appreciative home.

  10. Great stash of clothes and the flour sack will look great framed. Can I ask what a 'rashie' is?

  11. Lakota, a rashie is a swim vest :)


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