Sunday, September 23, 2012


Busy couple of weeks at the pre-school.  First they had an art show.  
The children decorated shoes.

Painted.  Above are fruit bowls.  Can you tell?
Below are various works, all colourful and fun.

They took photos and decorated them too.
I was kept busy serving Devonshire tea at the art show which was good fun.

Then the following week the pre-school had an open day.  More fun!
We are lucky to live in such a wonderful small community where the children are well supported.

Blue starts at this pre-school next year.  He is so excited.
Possum is also excited as her acceptance letter to big school arrived in the mail last week.

I am less than excited, a little sad maybe :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Month?

Looking at the date on my last post it would seem I have let a month slip by without much thought.

I have been thinking, working, studying, sleeping and doing the 101 things I need to do in the name of being a parent.  I have not had time for a great deal else.  Why is this part of the year so busy?  Will I get a brief reprieve before the Christmas season is upon us?  I hope so!