Sunday, February 6, 2011

Flea Market Finds #2

More Flea Market Finds this week.

I picked up this colander a little while ago.  I didn't really 'need' it, and at $6 is seemed a bit expensive but I wanted something to sit on my dresser to hold my current knitting project.

The wool wasn't included, the green I am slowly turning in a short row shaped scarf and the Blue was a beautiful birthday present from Em

These four mug were a better deal at just 10 cents each.  They are stamped Japan on the base and the work in well with the renovation environment we are living in at the moment.  Actually, one of the green mugs is stamped as being made in China, but it matches so well you wouldn't pick it unless you looked.

I can't claim to have 'needed' new mugs either, but for a total of 40 cents the term 'need' doesn't really come in to it.


  1. Those mugs are so beautiful and an absolute steal at only 40 cents, they remind me of coffee around the table on a Sunday morning at my mothers!

  2. ha, the ersatz countries do make them well though...! i understand your passion for this colander. i have a soft spot for ingenious salad spinners... shhhhhhhhh!

  3. ooo, love those mugs! such a bargain price too

  4. Those mugs remind me of my childhood! Bargain.

  5. The mugs are great. My nan has them at her place.
    Love the storage idea for the WIP

  6. Your mugs remind me of Sunday mornings when I got up and my dad would be sitting at the kitchen table with a mug of coffee.
    A nice thought.
    My Flea Market Find

  7. I love the colander. What a great idea to store your project. Wonderful.

  8. And I am sure you can use the mugs to store other things once they no longer fit your living conditions.

  9. Your comment re: need make me smile. Love the mugs! Wish my kitties would leave my knitting alone and I could put it out like that. Yours looks pretty!


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