Friday, February 18, 2011

Colour inspiration needed!


White and Yellow



I am surounded by colour, but I can't decide what colour paint I want!


  1. That's a lovely red. Reminds me of the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Perhaps you take inspiration from my house when I bought it and let a blind man choose the colour scheme.

  2. Go white. We have coffee walls here and I HATE it. At night it is so dark and yellow:( I tried changing the light bulbs but had to change them back - it was like living in a hospital:) and white photographs better. Steph gas a paint same wall at her house when they were desciding what colour to go and shows how different whites can be. She went with base white and it looks great.

  3. The look great. I had to stick all of ours into the door jam so I could see them against the walls. I started taking out the ones that didn't appeal then, and gave my husband the final pick. I think we ended up with something like sand storm


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