Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Creative Space ~ SIT Swap

I am clutching at straws for this creative space and pulling this photo out of the archives to show it off.  I know the package I sent Esther has arrived so it should be safe to show the whole photo now.

This is for the Sew it Together name tag swap.  I can't wait for March when I will get to catch up with friends, and meet new ones too.  The shopping and crafty side of it is a bonus too!

I may not have been creative in the crafty sense over the last week, but I have been busy cooking, busy with the house as well as busy in the garden

More creative spaces here!


  1. Thanks for posting this pic - I haven't even started my name tag yet. Me thinks it will be a last minute thing - like everything!!!

  2. Becky, it's so sweet! Great job and well done for being so organised!!

    (word verification: storangl - what Sheridan is going to do to me if I don't get my name badge finished!)


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