Saturday, October 9, 2010


I have a very clever Mum who is more than a little talented in the craft department.
She knits, quilts, and stitches away when she can.

Last week she gifted me this King Size quilt for our bed because with the pillow top mattress nothing we had seemed to fit any more.

Each flower block is hand appliqued onto it's square, and the stems are all handmade bias tape.  There are 56 of those blocks and hours of hand stitching went into it.

I kindly offered to help and think I managed to do two whole blocks before giving them back.  My stitches are not that neat either!

Mum has also done quite a few Petit Point tapestries. 
Petit Point comes from the French language meaning small point.

Mum stitched these, one each for my Grandparents in the early 80's and then they came to me.
It means a lot top have something my Mum made, from a Grandparent on each side.

This one Mum finished this year just for me and I love it in the petit point as there is so much detail.
 My low light/no tripod photos of these on my lounge room wall do not do them justice.  They are all beautiful and I love them a lot.

Thanks Mum


  1. It is great being able to share your crafty passion with your Mum especially when you get to reap the rewards as well

  2. Those are all just beautiful! Your mum is very talented :)

  3. Wow - what precious gifts. And how wonderful to share your passion with your Mummy x

  4. Wow I love the shearer one, it looks just like the painting! Your mum is very talented.

  5. Wow! They are just beautiful... and the hours of work... as I said - Wow!

  6. That quilt is absolutely gorgeous. You're right, you do have an amazing Mum.

  7. We both have clever Mum's - you should see the quilt that she has almost finished Baden.

    I love the quilt - how lovely to have something nice for your new home.


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