Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Handmade Pizza

We love making pizza for lunch.  Lebanese bread used as the base for simplicity.  Possum loves spreading the tomato paste around.  She also loves placing the other ingredients carefully around the base while eating as much pineapple as she can while she thinks I am not looking :)

I forgot to take a photo of the cooked pizza, and this is the last piece being eaten.  Maybe next time :)

edit: Yes, her fringe is wonky.  I let her go to the barber with Dad last week :(


  1. Yum that's one of my favourite quick lunches or dinners - especially tuna and pineapple!

  2. Mmmm Pizza, we make it for dinner every now and then, and use the breadmaker for the dough, its great! looks like the miss liked it a lot :)

  3. Yummo - PIZZA is the best and homemade is even better:)
    How cute is she even with the wonky frine. (humm - can you take her back?)

  4. looks delicious, pizza night is friday in our house, we mix it up between buying pizza bases, using flatbread, phoning for takeaway and making our own dough from scratch. Beth loves to kneed the dough - fold and squich, fold and squich, fold and squich... but for lunch, it's a great idea, so much more fun than cheese on toast.

    Only problem is it's not the pineapple that B wants to it its the cheese, and the (raw) bacon or chicken.


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