Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Edible Garden

I have already shown some photos of the flowers in the garden, but as I am more interested in the edible side of things I thought I should cover that as well.  Half the appeal in moving to this block was that we would have room to grow as much produce as we could for ourselves.  It is more satisfying, healtier and helps the budget too.

These are almonds.  We have about 30 friut and nut trees here and I am really looking forward to working out what is what.  I think a lot of jam will be made.

The spring onions going to seed are beautiful and delicate looking and I love looking out of the house through the grape vine that grows along our front verandah.  More grapes grow along fences and on the side of the workshop.  I hope there are enough for both us and the possums.

We love rhubarb.  It is not something I had tried before meeting the Mr.  This plant originally came from a crown given to us by my in-laws.  We planted it, and have moved it twice since then. 
I have raided it for the rhubarb and lemon cake since taking this photo, but it is the season for growing so it won't be long beofre we get more.

Our potato plants need heaping already.  This year we have 4 varieties in and I am looking forward to harvest time so I can start cooking with them.

We have more veggies in and growing, but these are my favourites this week.

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