Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lemon Soap

Lemon Soap for my second batch

I used the zest from one large lemon from my tree and now suspect I should have used more. 
I also added more oats this batch for extra scrubbing power.  I think it is a little too rough so next time I won't add extra.  I want to make another batch now!

Another 8 square bars to add to the soap stockpile :)


  1. What soap are you using as base? I used lux as they were already here, but couldn't mask the "soap" smell. Although I know I didn't use lavedar essence... Just used some oil I had that is losing it's smell :(

    This looks yummy!

  2. That is so exciting Becky! I'm sure it smells amazing.
    I think soap is probably next on my list of new skills to learn.

  3. Car, I used lux too as I already had some. I don't have an issue with the soap smell so it may be that the essential oil masks it.

  4. This soap looks edible! Yum!

    It would be great to use after digging in the garden, with all those extra oats for scrubbing.

  5. Yep, soap is on my list, and lemon soap all the better. Keep experimenting, I'll take all the tips you want to give!


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