Saturday, January 23, 2010


Thanks to Kirsty who posted a link to this tutorial, I finally got around to making a tutu out of the blue bundle of netting I picked up in an op-shop awhile ago. 

Not quite as good as tulle, but Possum has had fun dancing, and swimming in it this afternoon, not bad for a dollar and 20 minutes work.

Thanks for the motivation Kirsty!


  1. That blue is divine, netting is good as it doesn't soften & go flat like a tulle tutu can & so cheap!! My girls never minded teh scratchy netting, works a charm. Love Posie

  2. Great work for 20 minutes! Very sweet and looking to be much loved...

  3. Love love love it Becky. The thrifted -fabric tutu is perfect, especially matched with that hat and no top!

    PS... impressive that it survived a swim.


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