Monday, January 11, 2010

Better late than never...

This is the last of my 2009 sewing and it is pretty cute so not a bad way to finish up the year. It is the Wholgrain Baby Little Mod dress. Very simple and adorable.
The pattern was pretty well written with a lot of detail in most of it. The last step, the yoke, was a bit laking in details but came together well enough.

I used 'Baby's day out' fabric with a plain pink yoke. I thought I had best sneak in this adorable fabric before Possum is too big for it.
I have the Wholegrain Baby Ruffler Dress pattern and the Swing coat which I am keen to try soon too.


  1. That's super-adorable Becky!
    Love it :-)

  2. What a gorgeous little dress Becky!!! Your daughter looks adorable in it...

    Take Care
    Jodie :)

  3. Possum looks so cute in the dress! I've bought the square neck dress for when it gets cooler. Can't wait to see how your other patterns turn out

  4. This pattern is one of my favourites that I've done a few times! I only wish that the yoke instructions for the anna maria horner were as clear as what I found the whole grain baby ones to be (hence my dress still sitting cut but unsewn under the bed (lol)) Great summer little number, modelled beautifully too!

  5. Very sweet - I wish the Wholegrain Baby thing would get resolved as I want some of her patterns!


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