Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Reading in 2010

The 2010 Master reading list. 

1- The Cross-Country Quilters ~ Jennifer Chiaverini
2. The 19th Wife ~ David Ebershoff
3. People Might Hear You ~ Robin Klein
4. Seeing Things ~ Robin Klein

5. The girl who kicked the hornet's nest ~ Stieg Larsson

6. The Lost Symbol ~ Dan Brown
7. A Blunt Instrument ~ Georgette Heyer

8. Dark Country ~ Bronwyn Parry
9. Rich Dad, Poor Dad ~ Robert Kiyosaki
10. The Beach Street knitting society and yarn club ~ Gil McNeil


11. The Deadline ~ Paul Brickhill
12. Duplicate Death ~ Georgette Heyer
13. Kindred in Death ~ J.D. Robb
14. Silks ~ Dick Francis

15. How to break your own heart ~ Maggie Alderson
16. War Party ~ Louis L'amour

17. Even Money ~ Dick Francis

18. The Household Guide to Dying ~ Debra Adelaide

Last year I used italics to mark the stand out books that I found..  This year I read less and don't think any are rush our and buy it for my own collection type books :(

Click HERE for the 2009 reading list.


  1. I'm also having a slow start to the year... mind you I had to pick a 1000 page book ;)

    Was the cross country quilters any good, I read the blurb and it seemed to be about all these new people and not the original elm creek quilters?

  2. oh I heart this little icon im reading this, mind if i theif it for my blog lol, im trying to do 52 in 52 this year but im two books behind!!!
    xx Courtney


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