Thursday, January 14, 2010


I signed up for Carolyn's  12 months 12 sewing challenge in January which was to sew something for yourself.  I have had fun sewing for the children over the past 12 months so decided it was time I put some of my adult patterns to good use too.

I chose the Anna Maria Horner Socialite Dress Pattern.

Lucky I used $3/m Spotlight cotton for my first attempt...

With myself clothed, I measured once, I looked at the pattern and decided I had best measure again.
I am an extra small (apparently).  I held conference with my Husband and decided that I would make the size indicated on the pattern.  This was my first mistake.  I got cold feet and made the seam allowance smaller to give myself extra room which was lucky as it is still a tad tight.

My second mistake was putting the pockets in.  They just spoil the line of the dress and didn't look right.

If you don't like hand sewing this may not be the pattern for you.  The yoke is hand stitched on the inside.  Speaking of the yoke, I had to get my other half to read the instructions and tell me how to put it together, he is very good like that.  It makes sense, I just thought there must be a step missing not realising that hand stitching was to come further down the track.

You are meant to be able to wear this dress with, or without, a belt.  Not so in my case.  It looks like a shapeless sack if I don't have a belt :(

Don't let any of this put you off, I have made it again, in a Medium size, without pockets and with belt and it looks great.  I am just waiting on a chance to take proper photos.


  1. It looks great hanging in the tree Becky! The fabric is gorgeous. Great review, it's always so helpful to read the challenges that others experience when sewing garments. I'm looking forward to seeing the size medium! I always flat measure the pattern in key spots now when choosing what size I want to make. I've found it more reliable than using the information on the back of the pattern envelope.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the next one on ou:) I love the fabric - but then you alrady now that:)

  3. love the fabric also, its v nice. Can't wait to see the next one ? modelled ???

  4. Cant wait to see the next one, QUICK take some photos!!!! I really want to make it but was worried about the shapeless sack bit, think I would need a belt also LOL

  5. Would love to see a pic of you wearing it!!

  6. That's where I am up to the yoke and its' just not reading english for me! lol ... I measured small, but am making the medium as its' so hot here that I don't want anything that clings .. No pockets .. Using the Anna Maria Horner fabric :) I'll get there, slow and steady!

  7. I agree on the 'no pockets' rule for grown-up sewing! It looks great on the hanger and the cheapy fabric is actually really nice :)

  8. It looks so pretty, I really do love that fabric, where was it hiding at my Spotlight??? I would love to see a pic of it modelled though :)


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