Tuesday, January 12, 2010


My Mum decided to get in on the clothes sewing act and borrowed my Make it Perfect ~ Flirty Skirt pattern. She also borrowed a few Fat Quaters from a recent Vintage FQ swap and set to work.

I think she did a super job!

This pattern is great value as it has this sweet skirt in Childrens size 0-5 and two different styles for Ladies size X.small - Large


  1. I have had this pattern for ages but have never made it! I really should do something about that, LOL!
    It looks very sweet on your little one.

  2. What a cute skirt - well done Bec's Mum:) And how sweet is that little girl of yours.

  3. What a sweet idea... mum and bub skirt! One day I'm sure I'll get around to trying one of their patterns... is it easy to make Bec's Mum?? Oh and Bec, I've tagged you in a fun little game of showing your fave photo if you are interested. Take care xx


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